Friday, January 4, 2008

Perks for lawyers: test the boundaries

Lawyers often talk about and compare the law firm they work for.  How many lawyers work for the firm; the office location and real estate; the national and/or international presence of the firm; and, of course, salaries, perks and other advantages offered.  

If you want to compare yourself to your counterparts at the south of the border, here is an interesting article for you to read that recently appeared in the New York Times:  Law firms in the US pay a portion of your hybrid car, guarantee your mortgage, bonuses for using in-house services etc.

Law firms with deep pockets spend a lot of money in alleviating their lawyers of the burden imposed on them by their personal and family lives.  But here is the catch: less time spent worrying about your personal or family life means that you can spend more time at the office and billing clients.  Pretty clever won't you say!